Name:           Rob Dennis M.I.Fire.E

Role:             Principal Fire Engineer

Accredited C10 Certifier – Fire Safety Engineering with NSW BPB - Reg No. BPB1794

Relevant Education:

Graduate Exams - Institution of Fire Engineers, 1991

Member Exams - Institution of Fire Engineers, 1993

Bachelor of Science - University of New England - 2001

Graduate Diploma - Fire Safety Engineering - UWS, 200


Member Institution of Fire Engineering 1993 (M.I.Fire.E.)

Accredited Certifier C10 – Fire Safety Engineering with NSW Building Professionals Board - Registration No. BPB1794

Registered Building Practitioner – Fire Safety Engineer – with Victorian Building Commission 2010 - 2011

Member of Society of Fire Safety 2010 – present.


Name:       Baz


Role:         Company mascot


Breed:      Byron Bay Staffy


Loves:      The beach, food, people




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